- 6 Cloves of Garlic.

    - 4 Tbsp. of vinegar.

    - 4 Tbsp. of butter.

    - 2 Leaves of Bay.

    - 2 Tbsp. of sunflower oil.

    - 2 Cups of boiling water.

    - 1 Tsp. of salt / as desired.

    - 1 Tsp. of rosemary.

    - 1 Tsp. of cinnamon.

    - 1 Kg. of beef, cut into slices.

    - 1 Kg. of small onions.

    - 1 Tbsp. of tomato sauce.

    - 1 Tbsp. of Paprika.

    - 1 Tbsp. of nutmeg.

    - 1 Tsp. of black pepper.

    - 1/2 kg. of tomatoes. (Peeled and chopped).





    1.  Put a pot on fire, add oil, butter and slices of meat, stir until the meat is matured from all sides.

    2. Add rosemary, salt, pepper and spices, add tomatoes and cubes of boiling water. Leave them until boiling, then heat the fire, cover the cook, leave it for 1 hour.

    3. An hour later, add small onion units, turn it over, then cover and leave it for another hour on low heat.

    4. Add garlic cloves, bay leaves and vinegar, leave them to boil.

    5. Turn the cook off the fire, place laurel leaves and garlic cloves, finally, put meat and onions in the serving dish and advance it with white rice.


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