Lentil Soup


    - A Cup of yellow lentils.

    - 1 Medium- sized onion.

    - 2 Potatoes, medium size.

    - 3 Grains of carrots, large size.

    - 1 Tsp. of cumin.

    - 5 cups of boiled water.

    - A pinch of salt and black pepper.

    - ½ Tsp. of turmeric.


    1. Remove the impurities from the lentils, then wash well.

    2. Cut potato and carrot, peeling into squares.

    3. Peel Onion, then fry it.

    4. Place the pot on the fire, add oil, then move lentils, potatoes, carrots and onions.

    5. Add boiled water to the pot, let all ingredients to be boiled, for 45 minutes.

    6. Mix all the ingredients on the electric mixer.

    7. Add salt to the soup, black pepper, turmeric and cumin, then put the ingredients on the fire for 5 minutes.


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