Greek-Style Pevtec


    - 1 kilo of Beef (finely chopped).

    - 200 g. of large and chopped Tomatoes.

    - 200g. of Red chopped onion.

    -100 g. of fresh and chopped Thyme.

    - 50 g. of fresh and chopped Mint.

    - 100 g. of chopped Parsley

    - 80 ml. of White Balsamic vinegar.

    -  100 ml. of Olive oil.

    - 4 Eggs.

    - 500 g. of Breadcrumbs.

    - Salt as desired.

    - Spices as desired.


    1. Mix all ingredients altogether in a large bowl, and save them in the refrigerator for 3 hours as minimum.

    2. From this mixture in the shape of round pieces, about 100 grams for each one.

    3. Place the balls in an oil-greased tray, cover them with tin foil, and cook in a hot oven for 45 minutes at the temperature 180.


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