Fried Kebbeh



    - Three and a half cups of soft bulgur

    - A kilo of lean meat

    - Three tablespoons of cold water

    - 1 Onion chopped into quarters

    - Half a grain of lemon

    - Two sheets of fresh green mint

    - Salt and pepper as needed

    Kebbeh Filling:

    - 1 Finely chopped onion.

    - Five hundred grams of fat-free meat.

    - Vegetable oil for frying.

    - A Teaspoon of white pepper.

    - A Teaspoon of ginger.

    - A Teaspoon of black pepper.

    - A Teaspoon of salt.

    - Four tablespoons of pomegranate molasses.



    1. Soak the bulgur in water for half an hour

    2. Mix the chopped onion with mint, salt, pepper and peel half the lemon we have, then add the soft filtered bulgur from the water in the mixer until we get a smooth mixture.

    3. Add the minced meat to the previous mixture of water, and return the mixing process well until the ingredients are mixed, then we put the mixture in a deep vase and start the process of kneading by hand well.


    1. Put the vegetable oil in a wide skillet and leave it a little on low heat until the oil is heated and then add the chopped onion and leave it until it withers, then add the meat and stir it with the onions

    2. Add the white pepper, black pepper and ginger, stir the ingredients together and leave it on the quiet fire until the meat ripens

    3. Divide the kebbeh into small balls according to the desired size, and then work a small hole in each ball, and put a little of the fill that we prepared in advance, and then close it well and gently, and repeat the process with the rest of the balls.

    4. Heat oil in a deep skillet and place the kebbeh in a deep pan and leave until golden brown on all sides

    5. We put the kebbeh on the drying paper to get rid of the excess oil.


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